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Welcome to Jurnal Jaringan Komputer dan Keamanan (JJKK) website. JSE (e-ISSN: 2721-3951 and p-ISSN: 2721-7655) is one of a journal that managed by Institute of Information Technology and Social Science (IITSS).

Jurnal Jaringan Komputer dan Keamanan (JJKK) aims to provide scientific kinds of literature on studies of pure and applied research in Computer Network and Security and public review of the development of theory, method and applied sciences related to the subject. JJKK is projected to facilitate not only local researchers but also international researchers to publish their works exclusively in English.

JJKK’s scope includes but not limited to the following fields:

  • Computer Network and Architecture
  • Information Security
  • Infrastructure Systems and Services
  • Communication Network Architectures
  • Communication Network Protocols
  • Network Services and Applications
  • Network Security and Privacy
  • Network Operation and Management
  • Discrete Algorithms and Discrete Modeling

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